HTTP Status 200 Codes

Information about HTTP status codes 200 to 299, their meaning, and any related restrictions.


HTTP code 200 - Success


An error occurred on the server and it is unable to complete the request. Information about the error should be returned and displayed unless a HEAD request was performed.

  • OK

    Standard response indicating a successful action. For GET requests this will be the resource, and for POST it will be the result of the action.

  • Created

    The request was successful and a new resource was created.

  • Accepted

    The request was accepted but has not yet completed.

  • Non Authoritative Information

    The server is a proxy that returned a 200 from the origin and is returning a modified version of the response.

  • No Content

    The server has processed the request and no content is returned.

  • Reset Content

    The server has processed the request and no content is returned, but asks that the client reset its view.

  • Partial Content

    Only part of the resource is returned. This is caused by a range request. This is typically used to resume or split a download.

  • Multi-Status

    Multiple response codes are included as part of an XML document.

  • Already Reported

    A WebDAV binding has been enumerated in a previous 207 and are not included here again.

  • This Is Fine

    A catch-all error to allow responses through Apache when ProxyErrorOverride is enabled. When enabled any 4xx or 5xx is discarded and this generic response is returned.

  • IM Used

    The request has been fulfilled.