HTTP and Geo IP information

Get fast and comprehensive information about HTTP requests, status codes, and headers. Quickly identify problems with your server, and see where your users are visiting from and what browser they are using.

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The following HTTP, Geo IP, and user agent information is available:

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Geo IP

See where your users are visiting from by showing any information associated with their IP address. Where possible this will include a geographic map.

User Agent

Decode information from a visitor user agent and see what tool your visitors are using.

HTTP Information

Make a request to a URL and decode all HTTP response header information. Problems are identified, and full reference information is included.

HTTP Status Codes

View a list of HTTP status codes and filter by group and type.

HTTP Headers

View a list of all HTTP headers supported by the API, with examples.

HTTP Methods

A short list of HTTP request methods.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have an API?
Yes, each feature is available through the API.
How much does this cost?
This service is currently provided free of charge. Please try not to abuse it!
Are there usage limits?
You are restricted to making 60 requests in a 2 minute period. If you exceed this then your requests will be blocked for a time.